DIY Holiday Gifts

December 17, 2017

We have officially entered the “holiday season.” I have been to 3 holiday parties thus far. I am trying to figure out how to budget presents for all my friends and family. I wanted to take some time to let everyone know how I am approaching the holidays this season, as one seriously broke individual.


Of course, I wish I could spend all the money in the world on those close to me. Have you ever seen the meme that says, “When your mother deserves an island, but you can only afford a candle?” That is my life right about now. So, I decided this year I would be making almost all of gifts I give. Here are a few of the gifts I’ve made.


Lip Scrubs




1 c Coconut Oil

1 c Sugar (Brown or White)

6 Drops Essential Oils


Mix ingredients together.

Place in a contain with a lid.


Like I said, I am using things that I have. I have more coconut oil than the store. I use it for everything. These lip scrubs are super easy to make and these little containers make them look too cute!




I have a few looms and a bunch of yarn! These take me about an hour and let’s be honest- its cold as fuck and everyone can use a hat.



Bath Salts



All you need for these is Epsom salt and an essential oil you like to give them a great smell.






Okay, I have a few options here.


Corkscrew Ornaments

If you drink as much wine as I do, it won’t be hard to find the necessary items to create these. In addition, you will also need some metal twine and beads. You can also use ribbons, or anything else you have lying around in the old craft bin.




Glass Ornamnets

You can do a lot with these! You can cover them in glue then douse them in glitter. You can simply paint them. Another fun option is to fill them with crayon shavings and melt them! Get creative.


My nana made this one :)




Do you have paper? Do you have crayons, markers, paint and glue? Awesome. Make some holiday cards!


Coupon Books



These are a cute little addition to any holiday gift bag. We all know what our friends like, but maybe it isn’t necessarily appropriate as a gift- your homemade mac and cheese for example. Give them a coupon to redeem at any time.


These are just a few ideas that I have made this year. We have to point out that some of these look like a 4 year old did them.A 4 year old may have done better even. But, I have always been of the thought that a homemade gift is better anyway. Well, that’s what my has mom told me year after year.


I hope this post gives you a few ideas and saves you some money. I hope you all have a great holiday season. Enjoy your families and friends. Be grateful and send love to everyone.

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