Pita Cabana Café – State College, Pennsylvania

November 17, 2017

A recent topic I have been doing my best to address is eating while on the road, specifically as a vegan. While on a work trip last week, I found an amazing spot that I wish I had access to at home: Pita Cabana Café.


State College, PA is home to Penn State. It is a huge college town with so many good eats. I was on my way to Chipotle, which is one of my go-tos, when I walked by Pita Cabana Café . It was near empty so I was less than intrigued. I continued on to Chipotle where the line was out the door. I was in a hurry (because I parked illegally). I left Chipotle and figured I could give this place a try. Why not, right?


I walked in and to my surprise, it was set up very similarly to my first destination. I had a choice- bowl or pita. When the choice came down to a lettuce or rice bowl, you already know what I chose- holla at my carbs. Then, I had a bunch more choices- hummus, olives, spicy cabbage, peppers, tomatoes, onions, tabouli salad, falafel, different meats and a variety of sauces.


I was blown away! They fried up the falafel right in front of me. It wasn’t pre-made, cold and soggy waiting for my arrival. All the vegetable options looked beyond fresh and the peanut sauce was calling my name.


See my DELICIOUS rice bowl below.



I would highly recommend this place. 10/10. Vegan or not, how can you beat a delicious, completely customizable, nutrient-packed dinner for under $12?


Pita Cabana Café, please expand and come to Connecticut!


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