Top Tips for a Cheap Vegan

November 10, 2017

Before I "went" vegan, like many others, I thought it was an extremely expensive, unattainable lifestyle, that my sad bank account would keep me from living. I was wrong. 


I live on my own and funds are tight! I can relate. Here are a few tips that I've learned along the way. I hope they help!


*Did you make a list? Check the ads?*

-Going into a store blind is the worst thing you can do! Especially when the $8 pre-marinated tofu looks so good… Marinate that shit at home 

-Plan what you want to eat for the week, make a list of ingredients based on recipes, and only buy what you need

-Plan dinners where the leftovers can serve as tomorrow’s lunch


*Aldi – My personal heaven*

-Aldi is an amazing, affordable grocery store

-On an average trip to Aldi, I spend between $35-$60 and I shop for 2 weeks at a time!



*Frozen over fresh (unless absolutely needed)*

-I buy almost all frozen! Why?

-Extended “shelf-life”

-You don’t have to use the whole bag/container and leftovers will stay

-Frozen fruits are excellent for smoothies > smoothies are a staple vegan breakfast/snack


*Where’s the crock-pot?*

-I cannot tell you how many times I have made a veggie soup with the random frozen and fresh veggies I have.

-Keep your favorite veggie stock or base on hand!

-(If you do not have a crock-pot, you’re fucking up. You can get an affordable crock-pot for under $20). 


*Check the “expired” or “expiring” sections of the grocery store*

-I have found Amy’s soups that were dented for under $.50 (originally $3+ each)

-They typically put fruits and veggies that expire that day in these sections. They aren’t bad, but they will be soon, so eat up!




Other Stores like Aldi's: http:/time.com/money/4032059/aldi-winco-sprouts-fresh-thyme-grocery-prices/


Crock-pots: https://www.target.com/bp/crock-pot



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